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What's Included in our Full Service Plans

Green Team Denver has determined the needs of a healthy lawn in Colorado and has addressed all of these factors in our Full Service Lawn Care offering. Full Service Lawn Care also gives Green Team Denver the ability to take full accountability for your lawn and all of it’s needs. We have found that with a single company handling all aspects of a lawn and landscape’s needs there is less room for errors in communication.


Why Full Service Lawn Care is the Best Lawn Care:

Green Team Denver provides only the highest quality of service and uses the highest quality products when it comes to servicing your property. Since our company’s inception we have tested and challenged a variety of practices and have developed a list of best practices that have yielded exceptional results for our Colorado lawns. Here is a list of best practices that we have put into place and are a part of our Full Service Lawn Care package:
Deep Plug Aeration:
 Aeration is beneficial in many ways, it decreases soil compaction (common problem in Colorado’s heavy clay soils) allowing for grass roots to grow deeper, increases oxygen in the soil which is essential for the growth of all living things, and increases water and nutrient absorption into the soil which is essential for the sustained growth and hardiness of your lawn.
 We pair our overseeding service with your aeration service. Once we’ve aerated and created hundreds of tiny holes in your lawn we follow behind with overseeding and filling those holes with seeds. We use Richlawn’s Premium Lawn Seed blend that is specifically formulated for Colorado’s climate. These practices ensure thick and lush lawns comes summer time.
 Our fertilizing program consists of 5 fertilizations throughout the growing season. Fertilizations are spaced 6-8 weeks apart depending on the time of the season. We also use a variety of fertilizers that are catered to your lawn’s needs through the season. Included in these 5 fertilizations we end the season with putting your lawn to bed with a winterizer that has been formulated to give your lawn the nutrients it needs throughout Colorado’s winters.
Weekly Mowing:
 Similarly to human hair, grass likes being cut and when cut it promotes more healthy growth. This is one of the many reasons that we have developed our Full Service Lawn Care to include weekly mowing. In addition, weekly mowing keeps your property looking fresh while also being sure to keep weeds down. Weeds, unlike grass, do not like to be cut. Weekly mowing gives grass the competitive edge against weeds therefore keeping them at bay.
Sprinkler Turn On/Off:
 Green Team Denver is here to take care of all your sprinkler system needs. We will take care of everything from starting your system up for the season, evaluating if any repairs need to be done to turning it off at the end of the season, blowing it out, and winterizing.
Soil Conditioner Treatments:
 Throughout the hot and dry summer months in Colorado our soils become compact and oftentimes hydrophobic, not allowing water and nutrients to flow freely through the soil. One way that we combat these things from happening on our customers lawn is with soil conditioner treatments. Soil conditioner treatments act similarly to aeration in that it loosens the soil structure and allows for proper flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients.


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